QQ Mobile Messenger: How to Get Started


However, you need an account to use QQ as a messaging platform. You can see friends who are also online, once you are online, and have the ability to carry out several chats at the same time and transfer files. Other features of QQ International mobile app are; offline message retrieval, the ability to exchange locations by making use of the iDevice’s location services (useful for meeting up with other QQ members) and panes to divide the screen into separate sections.

Final Thought

QQ International mobile app is an instant messaging tool from Tencent that allows users to keep in touch with family and friends, make new friends and manage your contact information online. A version of Tencent QQ with a sign-in panel modified to be more suitable is the iPhone QQ. iPhone QQ offers more interesting features like the ability to switch skins by shaking the phone, notices for online messages, location information sharing and horizontal panels, apart from the basic features such as checking contact information, chatting and adding contacts.


  • A very impressive and loyal user base
  • All things work perfectly
  • A great English translation
  • A user-friendly interface


  • Too many interface menus
  • Lack of true killer features
  • Lack of any Facebook bundle

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QQ Fans

QQ Fans


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