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At the point of installation, you will manage to set up various features of the account like language for all the interfaces of the application.  Subscribers who do not have an account can freely sign up for the apps just from the main panel after running the QQ International for windows. Signing in is prompted by the use of an email address used during the registration process or by use of the QQ code that was assigned in the confirmation email.

It’s advisable to protect all login information securely. Accounts should be strongly protected from identity theft or issues of forgotten passwords.   Strong passwords are supported by the app ID protection center.  In this site, forgotten passwords may be retrieved. After login to the QQ International app, just click the default icon and edit your profile.  Friends will have an easy moment to locate you on the QQ community based on the amount of information that you will feed on your profile. It’s, therefore, important to make it a walk over process for friends to locate you.

Friends and groups are added by clicking the search button at the bottom of the menu. Friends are searched using email addresses, QQ ID, group number, keywords, or nickname that is simple to use.  In conclusion, subscribers should, therefore, write a brief personal message and a concrete theme that will help your affiliates to connect to you fast.

Download QQ for Windows

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