Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


Two years back, Samsung S4 begun misbehaving and failed to deliver up to expectations. This condition triggered the design of a large phone S6 to curb the inefficiency. It’s a great phone that nobody expected it to be great. However, there are still components that prevent it from being a perfect phone. It didn’t begin simply because the design of this model was completely from scratch and the replacement of the key members of the design team to come out with a standout phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 features

Unique features in Samsung S6 are only in price and battery life. Samsung was wincingly high, but it slightly dropped a bit. It offers several storage capacities from 32GB to the UK, this phone trade at different prices based on the storage capabilities. But every model is $50 cheaper than in other outlets. Samsung has gone bold in designing this phone where it has taken away the typical plastic covering in the previous models and storming into the arena of metals for its flagship.

Samsung S6 is dallied with the most premium design since the design of galaxy alpha which first entered the market last year. Galaxy Alpha was highly priced and lower specs. It also had a premium feel on the hand, but it didn’t catch on in the market. Now Samsung has intensified in strong casing by adding an all-metal band. The front rear is rounded and has a bland fascia combined with a lozenge home button.

Samsung S6 comes in various colors, but some colors like white looks like the older versions and they are therefore boring. It’s nice to hold, and its 5.1-inch screen makes it elegant, compact, and clear with a premium quality when holding the device. It looks quite familiar as the metal bands around its sides are split into plastic strips to give room for antenna and other radios to make connections. The combination of utilities, speaker, and headphones jack, on the lower part of the phone, appears close to what Apple is doing thus a risky venture.

The general overview of the phone is a great design and the volume buttons, and the power button is perfectly positioned. The home button of this phone has been massively upgraded to guarantee a solid click. The back rear of the phone holds the most aesthetic elements where the camera protrudes slightly from the cover.

Samsung S6 screen embraces a brilliant screen technology. It’s Super AMOLED display gives a clear scene, and even the dark spots are shown perfectly. This AMOLED tech can make 1080p screens appear phenomenal. It has great media, sharper display, and a great camera. Samsung S6 is a great phone, but its battery and high price repels customers away.

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