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QQ International to be Integrated with Avaya Contact Center Technologies

It is no more news that QQ International is an Internet oriented instant messaging platform that was established by Tencent. QQ International Messaging app and is now extensively used on mobile phones and PC. It offers all-inclusive online communication services,

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Overcome Cultural and Language Barriers with QQ International Chat App


Do you want to overcome cultural and language barriers? Or are you really prepared for the best online chat experience of your life? Then QQ International Chat App is the way to go. It is now very easy to make new

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


Two years back, Samsung S4 begun misbehaving and failed to deliver up to expectations. This condition triggered the design of a large phone S6 to curb the inefficiency. It’s a great phone that nobody expected it to be great. However,

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Get QQ International for PC Windows Desktop


At the point of installation, you will manage to set up various features of the account like language for all the interfaces of the application.  Subscribers who do not have an account can freely sign up for the apps just

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HTC win the Market with One A9 ( AERO ) Smartphone


The year 2015 has not been a good year for HTC. The year has been characterized by the disappointing sales of One M9 phone that is HTC flagship. The declining financial status has greatly contributed to massive layoffs and financial

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QQ App Supports Credit Service


It’s now apparent that people will be required to choose carefully among the friends they make online. This move is propelled by the fact that a Chinese Internet giant aims at launching a consumer credit rating service that will be

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QQ Mobile Instant Messaging Service Grows Exponentially


Tencent holdings Ltd is a China-based mobile services company. The company is well known for its diverse range of online communities in networking. This firm in the previous week, it was set to permit entrepreneurs and app designers in china

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How to Leap the Language Barrier on QQ Mobile App


There is no problem whether you know nothing about Chinese or any other language that the app may display. This is because at the bottom of any conversation window you open there is a translate button. All that remains is

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